We’ve worked with an array of clients in subject areas ranging from music and arts for the BBC, to science and technology for National Geographic; from nature and environmental content for The Discovery Channel, through to working with brands like Airbus, Rolex and Eagle E-Types. 

Whether large corporations or smaller boutique companies, we have always delivered the most compelling, impactful and beautifully shot films for our clients.

Here are some of the kind words our clients have said about us:


"We were all thrilled"

We really enjoyed working with Filmworks because we feel they really understand what we at Eagle are all about and we think this comes across in the films they produced for us.

The brief was to show our clients and prospective customers what makes Eagle different, convey the passion that our whole workforce have for what they do, and the fastidious attention to detail that we put into everything we make. Filmworks helped us realise that this messaging could be enhanced by the way the film was lit, shot and put together. They wanted the level of polish in the filmmaking to reflect the care we put into our cars.

When it came to the filming and interviewing, their crew was efficient and were as unobtrusive as they could have been. They also managed to gently guide some our more shy team members into saying great things on camera.

We were all thrilled with the film and look forward to working with them on further content in the future.

Paul Brace / Director / Eagle Cars - 2020

"Visually stunning"

For my four part series for Sky Arts, ‘The Art of Drumming’ I was looking for a director of photography who would bring a distinctive quirky look to the programmes. With this project there was the scope to make something more artistic and less conventional. Having seen Chris Purcell’s visually poetic ‘Why Don’t we do it in the Road?’ I knew he’d be a great choice. And I was right! Chris did a fantastic job,

 the series looks visually stunning and can’t wait to work with him again.

Chris Wilson / Series Director / Wall to Wall for Sky Arts  - 2019

"Resourceful and imaginative"

I've shot some of my best documentaries in collaboration with Chris Purcell as DOP, from the acclaimed BBC FOUR Voyager doc and my biopic of Neil Armstrong to my latest celebration of the Hubble Space Telescope for National Geographic. Resourceful and imaginative, he brings a magic touch to any shoot.

Chris Riley / Creative Director / Bigger Bang for BBC & National Geographic - 2014

"Amazing experience"

What an amazing experience working with Anushka and her creative team. The output was great and really well thought through, bringing the context and the creative treatment together to create a compelling video. Really enjoyed the entire experience and the end product.

Vineet Malhotra  / Global Lead, Digital Sales and Marketing / Cognizant - 2012

"Beautifully composed"

Chris Purcell is a very experienced director who manages the rare trick of being able to think like a documentary film maker but also produce beautifully composed and considered short form commercial pieces. I have worked with Chris for a number of years and seen him handle celebrities from Gary Oldman to Buzz Aldrin with ease and work in arduous conditions from sub Saharan Africa to freezing Flanders mud. I’d wholeheartedly recommend him.

Paul Darter / Producer / Discovery Channel - 2008

"The best possible result"

Chris Purcell is a pleasure to work with, he's a thoroughly decent, hard working professional who 

communicates clearly, listens carefully and goes to great length to produce the best possible result.

Dan Korn / Creative Director / Discovery Channel - 2012

"Our first call"

Anushka is always our first call for a Producer in the UK. Having worked with her for over 15years we are confident that she will consistently deliver great footage for our show, no matter how challenging the shoot. She understands how to handle the A-list talent as well as the demands of a tight turnaround to meet our production deadlines.  Time and again, she has proven herself to be reliable under ever changing circumstances to ensure a successful shoot!

Britton Lynch / Line Producer / Extra TV - 2010

"First class product"

Anushka was a delight to work with. Her approach is professional and the whole process from costing to delivering a first class product was painless. I found her flexible, creative, knowledgeable and would highly recommend.

Sunara Spires / Head of Marketing  / MYAesthetics - 2018